Module pods in the magnificent Aurum
Jorvi Hospital’s pediatric diabetes center
Module pods part of total office overhaul at media company A-lehdet
Module launches range of coronavirus-killing workspaces
Rules of thumb for choosing a suitable pod
Save time with remote meetings – Get your message across effectively in a Module pod
Improve your productivity: manage your time better and get your work environment in order
Your work environment affects your overall well-being
Is an open-plan office stifling your creativity? Read our tips for developing the work environment!
Time management methods help you work more productively – here are four ways to help you pace your work day
Office rules rule – an easy way to enhance productivity and job satisfaction
Working in a noisy office reduces productivity and wellbeing
Looking to enhance productivity of your employees? Give their brains some space
A multi-space office saves space, money and nerves – tips for planning
Goodbye to ear plugs – turn your open-plan office into a multi-space office
Turn and open-plan office into a multi-space office – adjust the spaces to your requirements
Open-plan office, private office or a mixture of work spaces?
Designer Spotlight

Designed to meet the challenges of modern working life, Module spaces are a prime example of Finnish high-end design expertise.

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