Peaceful working spaces

The effectively soundproofed Module workspaces improve the privacy of the working environment. They provide peaceful surroundings for phone calls, meetings or tasks that require concentration, and they can be customised to your needs.

Privacy for phone calls

The Module Phone Booth is a soundproofed space designed to decrease noise in an open workspace. Outside noices cannot be heard inside and vice versa. Read more about different options provided by Module Phone Booth!

Room for concentration

The peaceful Module Workspace allows you to fully concentrate on important writing tasks or creative planning.  It’s available in various interior and exterior colours and has many customisation possibilities – come and create your own workspace!

For speedy meetings

The Module Small Meeting Room is designed for speedy meetings for two or three people. Efficient soundproofing muffles outside noises to provide privacy for a quick gathering. Read more about the features of a Small Metting Room!

More meeting room capacity

The Module Meeting Room creates peace and privacy in the busy office environment. As a need for additional negotiation space is quite common, Module provides a simple and quick solution. Read more about the Module Meeting Room!

For relaxed exchange of ideas

The Module Chat Room creates perfect surroundings for relaxed exchange of ideas. The soundproofed space is an ideal meeting room for small groups. The Module Chat Room has various customisation options – read more!

For creative planning

The Module Rest Area can be a relaxing zone in the middle of a busy open-plan-office, or a give much needed privacy for creative planning. The Rest Area can be customised to serve various purposes – read more about the options!