Save time with remote meetings – Get your message across effectively in a Module pod

A meeting is marked in the calendar for 11.00.

You wrap up your previous task at 10.50. Not long after that, you open up the meeting agenda on your screen and glance through the material, brew some coffee and click open the video when the clock strikes 11.00. After an hour, when your meeting ends, you swiftly move on to the next task.

In an alternate reality, you just manage to finish reading your emails and then it’s time to hop in the car for your 11.00 meeting. With morning traffic and trying to find a parking spot, the whole trip takes over an hour. The time spent in the car leaves little room to prepare for the meeting. The meeting ends at noon, and driving back to the office takes another half hour.

Which option sounds like a better use of time?

 A one-hour meeting really only takes one hour when it happens remotely.

In the 2020s, meetings take place in the virtual world

Going from one meeting to the next can eat up several dozen hours a month without even noticing it, even if there are actually only a few meetings a week. As we now know, the time spent travelling is quite a waste of time, since technology enables smooth meetings without leaving the office.

Remote meetings take less time on average than face-to-face meetings. In addition to reducing travel, time is used more efficiently, as employees are more focussed: studies show that employees are better able to focus on one topic at a time in video conferences, i.e. they multitask less.

In a well-functioning remote meeting environment, for example, sales employees can meet double the amount of potential customers during the workday than if they had to physically travel from one place to the next for negotiations. Collaboration between companies is easier, and when selecting future partners and service providers, companies that best serve your company’s needs can be chosen – regardless of where the firm’s business premises are located.

Technology developed for remote meetings also helps streamline the meeting culture within your company. Collaboration, such as planning or editing documents, can be taken care of smoothly together through a remote connection. Editing joint projects remotely can even be more effective than traditional meetings, as all the participants can see the same material on their screens, and changes can be made in real time.

One important benefit of remote meetings has emerged particularly during the pandemic year 2020: online meetings make working safer.

Where shall we meet remotely?

Employees can be steered towards adopting new meeting practices, for instance, by making changes to the work environment.

The optimal remote meeting environment is much more than simply an internet connection.

A remote meeting is more personal than a phone call. A remote meeting that takes place with a good internet connection and a video camera is a genuine encounter.

A remote meeting that takes place at home on the sofa in poor lighting, however, doesn’t even come close to remote meetings held in a space that is optimised for such meetings. Having a remote meeting at one’s work station in an open-plan office, however, disturbs other employees and is neither private nor peaceful. On the other hand, reserving an entire large conference room for one person’s remote meeting is not an efficient use of space.

Even if a big part of the week is spent teleworking from one’s home office, the modern work setting should still offer conditions for arranging remote meetings in a suitable environment. The entire work environment’s possibility for quiet focus improves when remote meetings can be arranged in dedicated spaces.

Office pods offer just the right solution for remote meetings.

Office pods enable high-quality remote meetings

Conducting remote meetings in an office pod saves not only the employees’ time, but also their nerves. Having dedicated quiet and private office pods specifically for remote meetings supports the entire work community’s efficiency and quiet focus.

A high-quality office pod is soundproofed to ensure that sounds inside the pod stay inside – and likewise that sounds outside the pod stay outside. Well-designed acoustics and good internet connections create a framework for successful remote meetings.

The lighting in the pod must be adjusted to ensure that it does not cause a disruptive glare on users’ monitors. Soft lighting is also beneficial in remote meetings. Glass walls lend an open and airy feel to the space and allow soft lighting through from outside the pod.

Remote meetings can take place easily inside a soundproof office pod, even in a noisy office. A peaceful work environment offers the opportunity for full concentration and a successful remote meeting: a quiet workspace encourages open communication and efficiency, and minimises distractions from other work or the surrounding areas.

Tips for comparing pods

When selecting a suitable pod, factors to consider include not only the purpose for which the pod will be used, but also the features of the pod.


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