Tips for comparing pods

Soundproof pods create a framework for quiet focus and efficient work in the midst of a noisy environment.

Pods are needed in open spaces, above all, to allow quiet focus. A phone booth, a meeting room, a space for working independently and a lounge area all meet different needs.

The pods of many different manufacturers are available on the market. It is a good idea to take your time and compare the options before making a decision to purchase, as the user experience and features of the pod will determine how well-suited the space is for its intended use.

We have compiled some factors to consider when selecting a pod.

  1. What kind of space and needs is the pod being acquired for?
  2. What features should an office pod have?
  3. What is it like to use and be in the space?
  4. Will the pod last a long time and will it be safe to use?
Background for purchasing a pod


High-quality pods can be used for a wide range of applications: besides offices, they can be used, e.g. in hospitals, schools and other public spaces as a phone booth, chat room and relaxation space.


The most important phase in selecting a pod is clearly defining the intended use of the space. The users of the spaces should be asked directly about the challenges related to the work environment to ensure that the pod meets their needs and thereby helps to improve the conditions for succeeding at work.

Module pods are typically acquired to respond to acute and individual needs: to increase privacy, improve quiet focus and offer a place to work in a way that the current work environment could not optimally support without a pod. That is why one pod is seldom enough to serve the needs of a large group of users.

The same space can, however, meet even very different needs if the size of the pod enables, e.g. work in pairs, remote meetings or conferences, in addition to solo work. The placement of the pod in the work environment should also be considered prior to the procurement. For example, the placement of the glass walls and the door handing can, in the best case, be optimised to suit the location. Taking these matters into account makes the pod as easy to use as possible and ensures that it blends seamlessly into the work environment.


The range of Module pods includes pods for working efficiently, for collaborating, for remote meetings and for quiet focus. With three different sizes, the range adapts to different needs – in addition, Module Team pods can be expanded if necessary into a conference room that can accommodate more than four people.

In addition to the standard sizes, Module pods can be customised to suit any environment. The placement of the glass walls and the door handing can be changed.

Module pods are durable and appealing, reflecting timeless Scandinavian design that suits many environments.







Sufficient soundproofing is one of the most important features of Module pods. A poorly soundproofed space does not offer its users privacy and peace.

Depending on how the space is used, a workspace must shut out sounds from outside and prevent sounds inside from getting out. A well-soundproofed pod can be used flexibly for different purposes – for example, as a place for quiet focus and as a conference room. The sound insulation must therefore be sufficiently high quality both ways.

Besides sound insulation, the space’s acoustics should also be considered before making a purchase decision. A pod used particularly as a phone booth or conference room should be optimal for holding remote meetings, and the acoustics should be sufficiently damped. If an employee is disturbed by the sounds coming from a nearby phone booth, the space does not live up to the purpose it was designed for.


Module pods are designed to have excellent acoustics and efficient soundproofing. The slanted walls contribute to an acoustically pleasant work environment with good sound damping.

Module pods efficiently dampen office background noise and feature the best soundproofing available in the market. Natural materials and glass surfaces give the pods high-quality sound insulation that shuts out noise from outside the space, enabling undisturbed focus.


A modern office environment continuously evolves along with its users. A pod that can be flexibly modified enables quick changes in the space as the activities and users’ needs change.

At its best, a pod will also serve the users of the space as the work environment and needs change. Be sure to think about what size the pod needs to be and what features it should have in order to also serve its users’ needs in a few years’ time. If the need arises, can the pod be moved to a different place within the premises?

When moving a pod, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient space around it in the new location, and that it can be smoothly accessed.

In a flexibly adaptable pod, the furnishings can also be changed. The atmosphere of the space can be easily changed, for instance, by replacing a traditional table and chair set with recliners. A pod’s furnishings can also be used to guide users in its intended use: recliners encourage the use of the pod more as a chat room than as a place for solo work.

A pod will have an especially long useful life if its size can also be modified to meet future needs.


Module pods can be easily relocated: the pods can be conveniently moved from one place to another using a pallet truck. They can also be disassembled and reassembled, for instance, in conjunction with a move.

Future needs can be taken into account when choosing the size of the Module pod: the pods are available in three sizes. In addition, the four-person Module Team pod can be expanded with Module Duo pods, if necessary, to accommodate more than four people at a time.


The importance of electricity outlets, USB ports or internet connections is often overlooked until they don’t work or are lacking. People most often enter an office pod in order to have a private conversation face to face, by video connection or by phone, or to find peace and quiet to work. Regardless of the reason, the pod must have sufficient ports and electrical outlets in order to charge work equipment.

Well-functioning connections ensure that the space is suited to its purpose, and they are a crucial requirement for working in an office pod. The pod must therefore not be insulated such that the phone connection or internet connection is poor.

When selecting a pod, be sure to also take energy efficiency into account: the most economical and environmentally friendly option is a pod that only consumes electricity when the space is in use.


Module pods are workspaces designed for interaction and quiet focus, and they contain the right amount of electrical outlets and USB ports for the size of the space. The pods are designed to support efficient work: despite the efficient soundproofing, the phone reception and network connections work just as well inside the space as they do outside the pod. All of the ports can be replaced if necessary, which further lengthens the useful life of the pods.

All pods in the Module collection are energy efficient, and electricity is not wasted on lighting or ventilation when the spaces are not in use.

User experience



A door that opens and closes quietly, air that stays fresh even for long phone calls, pleasing acoustics and lighting that does not reflect on the computer screen – these add up to an office pod that is pleasant and uncomplicated to use. A well-functioning space is a whole made up of small details that create a positive day-to-day user experience.

It is important that office pods are furnished to reflect their intended use – a conference room, for example, is furnished very differently from a workspace intended for solo work. Solid walls throughout are rarely a good solution, as they do not allow a sense of openness, ease of use and comfort in the space.


The ventilation in a workplace has a significant impact on employees’ energy levels and ability to focus on their tasks. In a small and frequently used office pod, the efficiency of its ventilation is put to the test daily. In a well-ventilated space, creativity flows more freely and energy levels stay high with little effort.

Lighting in the office pod also deserves attention. If the space is often used for computer work, light must not reflect onto the computer screen. The lighting should, however, be sufficiently bright for chats and video meetings. Lighting that is well planned and designed enables diverse use of the space.


The efficient ventilation in Module pods enables even long meetings without the air quality and users’ energy levels in the space suffering. The pods’ ventilation system and lighting are activated by motion sensors when the spaces are in use. The ventilation system is quiet and therefore does not disturb the work being performed inside or outside the pod.

The indirect LED lighting from the ceiling is not blinding and does not cause reflections on screens, thus contributing to efficient work in pods of all sizes. The colour temperature of the lighting in the office pods is 4200 K.

Module pods can be furnished for a range of end uses.

Durability and safety



A high-quality office pod can be moved from one place to another.

In a dynamic office environment, it may be necessary to move the location of the pod from time to time. An office pod that can be disassembled and reassembled repeatedly without compromising its performance can also be easily moved from one floor or building to another.

A high-quality office pod is also safe to use. Attention should additionally be paid, e.g. to whether the surfaces in the pod are easy to clean.

An office pod that is easy to maintain will also have a long useful life. In addition to regular maintenance, it is a good idea to ensure, for instance, whether the electrical outlets, ports and other wear parts in the pod can be replaced. A long-lasting and easy-to-maintain workspace is a sustainable choice also from an environmental perspective. The possible reusability and recyclability of the materials can be taken into account already during the procurement phase. The timeless look of the pods ensures that they blend in with their surroundings and can adapt to changes in the work environment.


Module pods are quality Finnish products that are made from high-quality materials in Muotolevy’s factory in Nummela. All of the wood materials used in the Module pods are PEFC or FSC certified, and the manufacturing materials are recyclable.

Proper maintenance and general cleaning help retain Module pods’ high-quality user experience for many years. Module pods’ wear parts, such as LED lights, electrical outlets and components, as well as hinges and locks, come with a two-year guarantee.

Download the free guide: Creating a good work environment – Office pod placement guide

With pods, even quick space changes can be made easily and economically, and it is easy to continuously enhance the office environment.

We have compiled a guide containing the information you need to select and place your pod. Download the guide!

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