Jorvi Hospital is a university hospital licated in Espoo, Finland. When the hospital’s pediatric diabetes center needed more space, they turned to a ‘space-within-a-space’ solution. Jorvi Hospital is located in Espoo, Finland.

A soundproof Module hDuo pod was installed in a wide hallway and now serves as a quiet space where nurses can, for example, interview patients, record information and attend remote meetings and training sessions.

“We use the space to log information, meaning a nurse will be in the pod either alone with a laptop or with a patient, taking note of the patient’s information,” says Johanna Räsänen, a nurse at Jorvi Hospital. After the initial patient assessment has been carried out in the pod, the actual medical examinations take place in the consultation rooms.

The Module pod offered a quick solution to the problem of lack of space and required no challenging renovations. Performing major renovations in the space to change the floor plan would not have been ideal in any case. If the consultation rooms had been divided into smaller rooms, they would have been too small to serve their purpose.


The Module pod has lived up to the objectives set for it and brought much-needed relief to the problem of lack of space.

“It has brought flexibility to our work, choice of work station and daily routines. The basic problem was that our nurses did not have the space they needed to carry out their work, and now they do for a moment every now and then,” says Räsänen.

Users of Module hDuo at Jorvi Hospital consider it a pleasant and comfortable workspace that gives them the peace and quiet to focus on their work tasks. The users have been especially satisfied with the sound insulation and adjustable lighting.


Module hDuo is perfectly suited to the hospital environment. The pod is equipped with an automatic UV-C disinfection system that destroys potential viruses and bacteria in the space, both in the air and on surfaces, with 99.9% certainty.

“Especially during this coronavirus period, it is good to know that the space has been disinfected and is safe to enter,” says construction supervisor Jari Lahtinen of HUS Kiinteistöt Oy.

The disinfection system starts up automatically when the space has been unoccupied for five minutes after use and the door is closed. The disinfection process itself takes five minutes, which means the full cycle takes a total of ten minutes.

A light above the door of the Module hDuo pod indicates the status of the disinfection process. When the light is green, it means the space has been disinfected and is ready to use. A yellow light indicates that the disinfection process is about to start, and red means disinfection is in progress. If the pod’s door is opened during the disinfection process, the system will turn off automatically.

Module Hygiene collection – a disinfected workspace for every user, every time it is used

The spaces in the Module Hygiene collection are equipped with an automatic UV-C disinfection system that neutralises 99.9% of possible viruses and bacteria in the space within five minutes. The self-disinfecting workspaces offer every user safe conditions for productive and focussed work – every time they are used.


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