Turn and open-plan office into a multi-space office – adjust the spaces to your requirements

An open-plan office is a challenging work environment.

The surrounding buzz of voices, work-related or not, makes concentrating on tasks difficult. Clacking shoes, phones ringing and other noises and movements can be distracting for employees. Seasonal flus and other germs quickly spread in open spaces, resulting in more sick days.

Open-plan offices do, however, have their good points. Teamwork is more efficient when people can share ideas quickly, and help is always at hand. Meetings can also be arranged in no time.

The optimal workspace enables both teamwork and work in peace and quiet. This is the multi-space office: a facility that offers a variety of spaces for a variety of tasks.

Since the benefits of multi-space offices were recognised, phone booths and other soundproof quiet pods have become more common in offices. The solution is an extremely quick and cost-effective way to improve the conditions in offices. The multi-space office is quick to set up and is a flexible way to meet the company’s individual requirements.

Taking customer-specific requirements into account was our starting point when creating the customisation model for our Module solutions – unique requirements need unique solutions.

The first step in customisation is, of course, assessing the purpose of a space.

For example, it may be necessary to provide a soundproof room for employees who need to focus on their work.

In another office there may be a need for a space where one employee can talk on the phone without disturbing the people working in the surrounding open space.

Soundproof teamwork areas and video conferencing rooms can also be created, and our Module solutions have been used to build break rooms and booths for singing! There is a suitable customised solution for every need and environment.

For example, a company wanted to increase its meeting room capacity with a small customised meeting room, but the only possible area for it was in front of a window, and a booth with solid walls would have prevented natural light from coming into the office space. So instead of solid elements, a glass sliding door and back wall were tailor-made for the room. Stickers that fit the company’s brand were attached to the glass surfaces to create a private space while retaining transparency and the natural flow of light. Stickers are a great way to enhance privacy in glass-walled areas without compromising the feel of an open space.

In addition to glass and solid wall elements, the appearance of a space is easily changed with colours. A small soundproof space coloured to match the company’s brand colours or other elements in the office fits seamlessly in the work environment. The colours of the exterior surfaces of our Module solutions can be selected from the hundreds of shades in the RAL and NCS colours charts, and the interior surface colour can be any of the 15 colours of our acoustics panels. A popular option is to select a feature colour on one of the interior walls and use a harmonious and peaceful tone on the other walls.

If necessary, the location of the door can be changed in larger spaces such as 1800 × 2200 meeting rooms. The door is usually in the narrow side of the space but it can also be on the wider side. This is useful in cases such as when two large spaces are located side by side; the doors can be on the opposite sides of the meeting room complex. Once again, using glass elements with stickers on the opposite walls allows the light to flow through the office spaces.

Our ventilation solutions can also be customised. The ventilation systems in our standard solutions are designed for continuous use that lasts an hour or two. However, it is possible to connect the booth to the property’s ventilation system to make it comfortable from morning till evening, and the room can be used as a normal office.

These are just a few examples of our customisable Module solutions. By combining these elements, a practical solution can be found for all requirements that will help to translate the challenges of an open-plan office into the advantages of a multi-space office.

What kind of spaces do you need? We’ll be happy to work with you to design a solution that is suitable for you!

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