Module Team

Module Team

A meeting room with efficient soundproofing for 2-4 participants.

Module Team provides a peaceful and pleasant setting for making good decisions.

The soundproofed pod keeps surrounding office noises outside. Disturbing noises cannot enter the space, and the slanted walls and the vertical pillars create good acoustics. Efficient ventilation ensures that there is fresh air throughout your meeting, and the glare-free indirect lighting makes meetings a pleasant experience.

Module Team guarantees more efficient meetings by providing an undisturbed environment in which you can focus on the agenda.

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Product information
Product information

External Dimensions
Width: 2410 mm
Height: 2230 mm
Depth: 2550 mm

Internal Dimensions
Width: 2050 mm
Height: 2004 mm
Depth: 2486 mm

4 x socket
4 x usb

60 l/s

Can be moved with a pallet truck. Can be disassembled and reassembled.

Delivered as modules and assembled on site.

Electrical Connection
230 v 50 Hz 10A (lighting supply power)

890 kg


Module BIM-objects

Module Solo, Duo and Team BIM-objects are available for ArchiCAD, Revit and SketchUp.

You can access the download page by filling the form.

Request an offer

Request an offer

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Privacy and peace to focus on phone conversations.



Peace to focus on tasks that require concentration, working with a partner or video conferencing.



A meeting room with efficient soundproofing for 2-4 participants.


Do you want to improve your work environment?

Module pods prime work communities for success. Download the presentation, which can

– help you pinpoint the challenges of your work environment
– give you tips on how to solve your space-related challenges
– increase awareness of the benefits offered by Module office pods in your work community.

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