The workspaces in the Module Hygiene collection are equipped with an automatic UV-C disinfection system that kills 99.9% of possible coronavirus particles and other viruses and bacteria in the space within five minutes. The Module Hygiene collection will be available in Finland, Germany, Sweden and Norway starting on 1 January 2021.

The Module Hygiene collection is based on a UV-C light disinfection system that kills 99.9% of possible viruses and bacteria in the space within five minutes. The soundproof and self-disinfecting spaces offer safe conditions for productive and focussed work, e.g. in offices and public spaces. 

“Our Hygiene collection comprises two pods: hDuo and hTeam are both quiet, soundproof work stations that are suitable for remote meetings, while hTeam can additionally be used as a conference space. The spaces are designed to support productive work. Besides their good soundproofing qualities, they also feature pleasant acoustics, efficient ventilation and soft, glare-free LED lighting that will not create reflections on computer screens,” explains Muotolevy Tilaratkaisut’s Managing Director Harri Välimaa. Module is part of Muotolevy, and the workspaces are manufactured at Muotolevy’s factory in Nummela. 

Module Hygiene pods feature laminar air flow, which means that when the space is used, virus-containing airborne particles (i.e. aerosols) that are released into the air, for instance, through sneezing or exhalation, are quickly pushed to the floor. Since these aerosols do not float in the ambient air, the workspace is safer than a regular open office environment, even during meetings or work in pairs.

“The automatic UV-C disinfection system and laminar air flow in our pods help prevent the spread of diseases in the work environment and therefore also reduce the number of absences due to illness. In addition, the door handles on the pods have an anti-bacterial coating that can kill up to 99.99% of harmful microbes,” Välimaa adds.


UV-C light has been used as a method for killing viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, objects and in water for decades. Research shows that UV-C light effectively kills the RNA of viruses, including the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, thereby preventing the viruses from spreading and proliferating. Studies indicate that viruses and bacteria cannot build up a resistance to UV-C light. The UV-C light used in the Module Hygiene collection does not produce ozone.

In Module Hygiene pods, the automatic disinfection system is activated when the space is empty and the door is closed. The pods are equipped with a traffic light system that indicates whether the disinfection process is complete, about to start or in progress. After a quick and efficient disinfection, the space is free from viruses and ready to offer its next users a safe workspace.


A collection of self-disinfecting workspaces that offer every user safe conditions for productive and focussed work – every time they are used.


Harri Välimaa 
Muotolevy Tilaratkaisut Oy 
Tel. +358 40 585 8833 

Module is the success enabler of modern work environment. Module combines decades of experience in high-quality engineering and Finnish design to create spaces for hard work, collaboration and tranquility.

Module is part of Muotolevy. Muotolevy has been designing and implementing workspaces for more than 30 years. 


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