Inspired by modern working life, Finnish nature and architecture

The idea for Module pods started with users and their working-life needs. For many employees, typical open-plan offices and expansive spaces with no divisions are a difficult environment to work in.

Meetings, deadlines and long to-do lists make day-to-day working life fragmented, on top of which, if the acoustics in the work environment are poor, focussing on one’s tasks consumes more energy than it should. The lack of tranquillity needed to concentrate and constant interruptions lead to feelings of inadequacy and reduce work efficiency.

Module pods create a quiet setting in the workplace and help employees succeed in their work. Spaces where people can work and take care of matters or hold face-to-face meetings and remote meetings without being interrupted or disturbing their colleagues.

The design of Module workspaces has been inspired by Finnish nature and architecture. Houses stand on posts and beams, and so do Module pods. Nature, especially the forest, can be seen and felt both inside and outside the spaces – the oak finishes and wood grain lend a natural and tangible feel to the work environment.

Design and Details


Elegant Module workspaces create an impressive framework for working peacefully in a range of environments.

Module pods are designed to visually suit today’s architecture. The connections between the elements have clean lines and no mouldings, and they are meticulously designed. Every detail, from the ventilation to the lighting and the form of the cover plugs, has been carefully thought out so that the spaces stand out in both their features and appearance.

The large, uniform glass surfaces create a sense of airiness in Module pods and bring in light from outside. The wool-fabric walls create a serene and cosy atmosphere, and the refined details are pleasing to the eye. The doors in Module workspaces have hidden hinges, giving the space a sleek look also when the doors are closed.

User Experience


Natural materials, good soundproofing and acoustics, quiet and efficient ventilation and pleasant indirect lighting put the finishing touches on Module pods’ excellent user experience.

Module pods are manufactured by Muotolevy, which has over 30 years of experience in implementing work environments using modifiable and soundproof prefabricated walls. Muotolevy’s expertise comes to play in Module spaces’ soundproofing and acoustics.

Module spaces offer a good place to concentrate. Sound does not leave the space, so any noise inside the Module pod will not disturb those working in the vicinity of the pod and, likewise, sounds from outside the pod will not break anyone’s concentration inside the pod.

The walls of Module spaces are slanted, which affects the reflection and absorption of sound within the space. This detail creates acoustically pleasant conditions for working and a good basis for discussions.



The Module collection features three spaces of different sizes that can be equipped to suit a wide range of purposes.

Module Solo works especially well as a phone booth and for holding remote meetings. Module Duo is ideal for two-person meetings and remote meetings, as well as for working efficiently. In addition to the aforementioned purposes, Module Team is also well-suited to meetings between multiple participants, and it can also be furnished, for example, as a lounge area.

Module Duo and Team come in three different models, enabling the spaces to be placed in different types of settings.

The Duo and Team models differ from one another in the placement of their glass and solid walls. The pods can be situated in a way that maximises the amount of light coming through the glass walls and thereby also the airiness and brightness of the work environment. Two solid walls can make the pod a more private and intimate space.

In addition, the colour options of black, white and oak ensure that the space fits in elegantly with the surrounding work environment.


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The wood materials used in Module pods are FSC-certified, and the origin of all the materials and components is traceable. The manufacturing materials are fire-tested and rated according to the relevant standards. Most of the manufacturing materials make use of recycled materials and are recyclable.

The acoustic panels are made from a 50% recycled PET material that is approved according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The surface of the acoustic panels is 100% wool.

The adhesives used are M1-rated water-based adhesives, and the pods are chemical-free and safe for users. The nylon carpets are dust-free, anti-static and allergy friendly.

Eco-friendliness is highlighted not only in Module’s manufacturing processes, but also in its operating processes. The company uses a green transport process that aims to minimise the carbon footprint. Unnecessary transports are avoided with the help of an advanced make-to-stock production system.

Finnish Design


The Module collection was designed by award-winning interior architect and designer Esa Vesmanen, whose work has been featured in several exhibitions in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Vesmanen, who studied at Aalto University in Espoo and at the design school ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris, has won the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award for his Finom lamp design and the Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaeum for his Balance Acoustic Chair, among other awards. In 2008, he was named Interior Architect of the Year in Finland.

In Module spaces, the collaboration between Vesmanen and the manufacturer Muotolevy is a combination of special expertise: Finnish design and decades of experience in implementing work environments.

Module pods have been granted the Design from Finland mark. The pods are manufactured at Muotolevy’s factory in Nummela.




Privacy and peace for phone conversations.



Peace to focus on tasks that require concentration, working with a partner or remote meeting.



Quiet and disturbance-free meeting room for 2-4 attendees.


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