Module hTeam

Module hTeam – an automatically disinfecting workspace

Module hTeam offers a quiet environment for working productively and holding meetings and teleconferences. The pod features good soundproofing, pleasant acoustics and lighting, efficient ventilation and an automatic UV-C disinfection system. 

In just five minutes, the highly effective UV-C disinfection kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. A self-disinfecting pod is a safe and pathogen-free work environment for every user, every time. 
The space features laminar air flow, which means that potentially virus-containing aerosols that are released into the air, for instance, by sneezing or talking, are quickly pushed to the floor and do not float around inside the space. This makes hTeam a safer environment than the standard office, including for face-to-face meetings, as the risk of catching a virus is considerably lower.

The automatic UV-C disinfection and laminar air flow make the Module hTeam pod a coronavirus-free bubble – a safe environment for working independently, holding remote meetings or conferences. Safety has also been taken into account in the door handles, which have an antimicrobial coating. The coating on ABLOY ACTIVE door handles kills up to 99.99% of harmful microbes and is 100% skin-friendly.
Module hTeam blocks out noise from the surrounding office. Disruptive sounds cannot be heard from inside the pod, and the slanted walls and the compartmentalising pillars create a nice acoustic ambience inside the pod. Efficient ventilation keeps the air fresh from start to finish during use, and the glare-free and reflection-free indirect LED lighting creates the ideal setting for working productively. 
Module hTeam enables independent working, meetings and teleconferences by offering an environment that is free from disruptions. The pod’s automatic UV-C disinfection system increases the safety of the work environment by preventing the spread of diseases at the workplace, which in turn reduces the number of absences due to illness. 


Product information
Product information


Adjustable, max. 80 l/s

Adjustable LED lighting 300 lx, colour temperature 4200 K

The automatic UV-C disinfection system kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

ABLOY ACTIVE door handles with an antimicrobial coating that kills up to 99.99% of harmful microbes.

4x Socket
4x USB-A port

Electrical connection 230 v 50 Hz 10A (lighting supply power)

Connector cable with plyg, cable length 5 m (CEE7/7 GST18)

Can be moved as assembled.
Can also be disassembled and reassembled.


Additional lighting
Adjustable LED spotlight 12v/25W 500 lx, colour temperature 4200 K

LAN plug
RJ45 (replaces USB-A ports)


Exterior dimensions
2410 mm

2160 mm (2230 mm on raised floor)
Please note! Installation height min. 2280 mm (2350 mm)

2550 mm

Interior dimensions
hTeam #1 2150 mm
hTeam #2 and #3 2250 mm

1995 mm

2486 mm

9x21M, left- or right-handed

890 kg


Pillars and beams
White and black
– Finish: High-pressure laminate

Oak vaneer
– Euro oak
– Finish: Water-based matt lacquer

Wall panels, exterior surfaces
White and black
– Lacquerd

6+6 mm Sound Control, PVB-laminated safety glass

Wooden door

Interior walls and ceiling
Acoustic panel
– Blazer LTH40 (dark grey)
– Blazer LTH61 (light grey)

Sound absorption class A
Panel 100% PET (50% recycled PET)
OEKOTEX Standard 100
Fabric 100% wool

Balance 99
– Black
– 100% polyamide
– Anti-static, dust-free and allergy-friendly

Delivered as elements.
Installation available.

2 years
CE marking

Design tools




A self-disinfecting, soundproof workspace for tasks requiring quiet focus, for working in pairs and for videoconferencing.



An efficiently soundproofed and automatically disinfected space for working productively, holdong remote meetings or for 2-4-person meetings.



The Module hTeam workspace features an automatic disinfection system based on UV-C light that sterilises the space after each time it was used for more than six consecutive minutes. Research shows that UV-C light effectively kills the RNA of viruses, thereby preventing the viruses from spreading and proliferating. The method has been used to kill viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, objects and in water for 40 years already. 

Module hTeam’s UV-C disinfecting process takes five minutes and kills viruses and bacteria with 99.9% certainty – including the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus.


A light panel above the door of the Module hTeam pod indicates the status of the disinfection process:

  • Green light: The space has been disinfected and is ready to use 
  • Yellow light: Disinfection is about to start
  • Red light: Disinfection in progress, wait until the light turns green

Module hTeam’s sensors measure the duration of the pod’s use. The pod requires disinfecting if it was used for at least six consecutive minutes. Once the need for disinfection has been established, the automatic UV-C disinfection system will initiate the disinfection process five minutes after the pod’s last use.  

The pod’s motion sensors continuously detect whether the workspace is in use or not. Once the space has been empty and the door closed for five minutes after use, the disinfecting begins. The disinfection system will not start up if there are people in the pod.

The highly effective UV-C disinfection takes five minutes and kills 99.9% of any possible viruses and bacteria in the space, after which the space is ready for its next user. The UV-C light (wavelength 254 nm) does not produce ozone.

UV-C light does not permeate the structures or materials of Module hTeam, so the light only affects the interior of the pod. 

  • The pod is made from materials that prevent UV-C light from passing through
  • The laminated glass walls block UV-C light
  • The door and frame are double-rebated
  • The disinfection system will not start if the pod is in use
  • If the pod’s door is opened during disinfection, the disinfection cycle will cease automatically

Heilingloh et al.: Susceptibility of SARS-CoV-2 to UV irradiation (PDF)

U.S. FDA UV Lights and Lamps: Ultraviolet-C Radiation, Disinfection and Coronavirus

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