Module Solo, Duo and Team quiet spaces offer soundproof and comfortable spaces in which you can focus on your tasks at hand. Customise your Module with suitable furniture and make a success of your job! Module workspaces are suitable for use wherever your work requires privacy and peace and quiet: here are some examples of how Module can be applied to your work environment.

Phone Booth

Module muffles noises coming from surrounding open-plan offices and lobbies and creates a perfect space for your phone conversations. Your co-workers cannot disturb you, and you do not need to worry about disturbing them; once inside a Module workspace, you cannot hear noises from the outside, nor can those outside hear you.



Step into Module and shut the surrounding office out. Module allows you to concentrate in peace and get your urgent tasks done efficiently and without interruptions.


Meeting Room

Module is a quick and easy solution if you need more meeting rooms in your office. The workspace is suitable for 1-4 people, and it is easy to move around with a pallet truck, adding to the flexibility of your premises. The meeting room can be customised to enhance the appearance of your office; for example, you can equip it with standard meeting room furniture or relaxed armchairs.


Chat room

Place a couple of armchairs and a small table in Module to create an interference-free meeting room. The soundproofed chat room makes it easy to focus on video conferencing or a quick meeting with a colleague; your co-workers will not be disturbed because Module keeps the sounds inside.


Rest Area

If furnished with an armchair, sofa bed or hammock, for example, Module creates a rest area ideal for hanging around in a relaxed and restortative atmosphere for a while before returning to work refreshed and full of energy.


Coding Pod

Equip your Module with a desktop, screens and laptop docking station, and your coders will have a peaceful workspace in which they can immerse themselves in their projects. No external noises, no interruptions or other distractions – just the pod, the coder and C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Scala and Python.


Customise your own Module

Module workspaces can be customised, which ensures that they are always suitable for their surroundings.

Choose colours for the external and internal walls from our range of harmonious colour options with our design tool.