Soundproofing and acoustics

Module pod features


Module pods are manufactured by Muotolevy Oy, which has over 30 years of experience in implementing work environments using modifiable and soundproof prefabricated walls. Muotolevy’s expertise comes to play in Module spaces’ soundproofing and acoustics.

Sound does not enter or leave the Module space. Any noise inside the Module pod will therefore not disturb those working outside the pod and, likewise, sounds from outside the pod will not break anyone’s concentration inside the pod.

The walls of Module spaces are slanted, which affects the reflection and absorption of sound within the space and creates acoustically pleasant conditions inside the pod, allowing for efficient work and an ideal setting for discussions.



The Module collection includes three spaces of different sizes that can be equipped to suit many different purposes.

Module Solo offers a soundproof workspace for phone calls and remote meetings. Module Duo is ideal for one-on-one meetings, remote meetings and efficient independent work. Module Team is the right space for meetings between multiple participants, and it can also be furnished, for example, as a lounge area.

Duo and Team are available in three different structural options, enabling the spaces to be placed in different settings and locations in the work environment.

In the structural options, the glass and solid walls are placed in different configurations. This allows the glass walls to be placed in such a way that natural light passes freely through the workspace, in turn affecting the openness and light in the entire work environment. An office pod with two solid walls, on the other hand, will increase privacy.

The black, white and oak colour options ensure that the space fits in elegantly with the decor of the surrounding work environment.

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The efficient, adjustable ventilation of Module pods ensures fresh indoor air, which promotes good focus and concentration at work. The quiet and energy-efficient ventilation system is activated by motion sensors. If the space has not been used in 15 minutes, the ventilation will automatically power down to 50% of full power.

Ventilation volumes

  • Solo max. 22 l/s
  • Duo max. 30–40 l/s
  • Team max. 60–80 l/s


Module spaces feature energy-efficient, adjustable LED lighting. Motion sensors turn the lights on automatically when a user enters the space. The lighting in Module pods creates a pleasant atmosphere and does not cause reflections, e.g. on computer screens. The lights turn off automatically when the space has not been in use for 5 minutes.



Installing a Module pod is fast and easy. Average installation time for the pods, excluding haulage:

  • Module Solo 2 hours
  • Module Duo 4 hours
  • Module Team 6 hours

Module pod installation can be ordered from the distributor.

Module pods can be dismantled and re-assembled if necessary. The pods can also be moved with a pallet truck.

Quality and materials


  • Module pods are made in Finland, at the company’s factory in Nummela.
  • The wood materials are FSC-certified.
  • The origin of the materials and components is traceable.
  • Most of the manufacturing materials are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.
  • The acoustic panels are made from a 50% recycled PET material that is approved according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.
  • The surface of the acoustic panels is 100% wool.
  • The manufacturing materials are fire-tested and rated according to the relevant standards.
  • The pods are chemical-free and safe for users.
  • The glues used are water-based, M1-class adhesives.
  • The allergy-friendly carpet is made of dust-free and anti-static nylon.
Energy consumption



  • Fan ~0.048 kWh/24h
  • Lighting ~0.12 kWh/8h (8h continuous use)
  • Control unit ~ 0.012 kWh/24h
  • Motion sensor ~ 0.0072 kWh/24h 
  • Total = ~ 0,1872 kWh/24h

Calculated based on 8h use/24h


  • Fan ~0.096 kWh/24h 
  • Lighting ~0.12 kWh/8h (8h continuous use)
  • Control unit ~ 0.012 kWh/24h
  • Motion sensor ~ 0.0072 kWh/24h  
  • Total = ~ 0.2352 kWh/24h

Calculated based on 8h use/24h


  • Fan ~0.192 kWh/24h 
  • Lighting ~0.24 kWh/8h (8h continuous use)
  • Control unit ~ 0.012 kWh/24h
  • Motion sensor ~ 0.0072 kWh/24h 
  • Total = ~ 0.4512 kWh/24h

Calculated based on 8h use/24h




Privacy and peace for phone conversations.



Peace to focus on tasks that require concentration, working with a partner or remote meeting.



Quiet and disturbance-free meeting room for 2-4 attendees.


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