Step into Module and shut the surrounding office out. Module allows you to concentrate in peace and get your urgent tasks done efficiently and without interruptions.

Employees can rely on the Module workspace when things get hectic and need to be done.

Whether you have to finish a presentation for a meeting starting in an hour, send out a quote by a certain deadline or write an article for the company blog, all you need is five things: a desk, a chair, a screen, a laptop and some peace and quiet.

The soundproofing of the Module workspace muffles noises coming from the surrounding office, creating the perfect space in which to work when a job needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Effective ventilation ensures clear thinking throughout the task.

Number of people:

Open-plan offices, multi-space offices, lobbies, public areas, hospitals, schools

Create Your Workspace
with Module Duo

With Module Duo, your focus will stay on the task at hand, and you can concentrate meeting with a colleague, video conferencing or working independently.