Rest Area

It is difficult to work after a night of poor sleep: your thoughts stray, everyday tasks require more effort than usual, and the coffee machine is your best friend.

Above all, you do not work as efficiently as you normally would. It would help a lot if there was a space where you could catch a few zeds; you could return to your desk rested after a short nap. Module can be furnished with an armchair, sofa bed or hammock, for example, to create a rest area ideal for hanging around in a relaxed and restorative atmosphere. The soundproof rest area muffles noises coming from the surrounding office, allowing employees to have some me time and return to work refreshed and full of energy.

Number of people:

Open-plan offices, multi-space offices, schools, hospitals, health centres

Create Your Rest Area
with Module Team

Module Team is a soundproofed space that creates an undisturbed environment in which you can focus on what your doing.

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