Phone Booth

Module muffles noises coming from surrounding open-plan offices and lobbies and creates a perfect space for your phone conversations. Your co-workers cannot disturb you, and you do not need to worry about disturbing them; once inside a Module workspace, you cannot hear noises from the outside, nor can those outside hear you.

The Module phone booth is soundproofed and designed to be an efficient workspace. It guarantees peace and quiet in your office by offering a space specifically designed for telephone conversations and video conferences. People find it easy to focus on their tasks in the phone booth, without disturbing their colleagues. The phone booth ensures that private conversations stay inside the booth. Everyone can concentrate – both in the phone booth and in the surrounding office space.

Number of people:

Open-plan offices, multi-space offices, co-working spaces, lobbies, public areas, hospitals, factories, schools

Create Your Phone Booth
with Module Solo

Module Solo allows you to concentrate even in the most hectic environments. Whether it is a telephone conversation, a Skype meeting or if you need peace and quiet for thinking and writing, Module Solo enables your success.