Meeting Room

Module is a quick and easy solution to creating more meeting rooms in your office.

The meeting room can be customised so that it enhances – or differs from – the appearance of your office; for example, you can equip it with standard meeting room furniture or relaxed armchairs. Both are functional and practical solutions but create completely different ambiances.

The soundproofing of the Module workspace muffles noises coming from the surrounding office, allowing participants to focus on the agenda. The powerful ventilation system keeps the air fresh and the minds clear throughout the meeting. The Module meeting room is designed for 1-4 people. The room is easy to move around with a pallet truck, adding to the flexibility of the premises.

Number of people:

Open-plan offices, multi-space offices, lobbies, public areas, schools

Create Your Meeting Room
with Module Team

Module Team guarantees more efficient meetings by providing an undisturbed environment in which you can focus on the agenda.