Coding Pod

Equip your Module with a desktop, screens and laptop docking station, and your coders will have a peaceful workspace in which they can immerse themselves in their projects. No external noises, no interruptions or other distractions – just the pod, the coder and C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Scala and Python.

The soundproofing of the Module workspace muffles the noises and visual stimuli of the surrounding office, allowing employees to completely focus on their job. The advanced ventilation system keeps the indoor air fresh, and the indirect lighting keeps screens free from reflections.

The Module coding pod provides optimum conditions; ideas and plans turn into code no time, and interruptions or noises do not interfere with finding the right solutions.

Number of people:

Open-plan offices, multi-space offices, schools

Create Your Coding Pod
with Module Duo

Module Duo’s soundproofing, efficient ventilation and glare-free indirect lighting create surroundings for hard work.

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